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Deb Nelson

It's Sunday evening and my husband and I have just gotten home to Utica, IL from spending the weekend in Waukegan with my mom.


We had the privilege to watch you and your crew in action all weekend with my dad's workshop estate sale. 


I know you do hundreds of sales a year but this was a first for us and certainly my mom.  This was probably one of the toughest weekends my mom has lived through since losing my dad almost two years ago and I can't begin to thank you and Tom and Peter enough for the care, the compassion and the respect you gave her throughout this entire process.  You treated her like family and that in and of itself made a very tough time a little more bearable! 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I reminded my mom that it was just "stuff" that left the basement, and no one can ever take away the love and memories my dad shared with each of us in his workshop.  His tools and machines will no longer sit quiet collecting dust.  They are back to work like he would want.


I just didn't want the weekend to end without thanking you and your staff for taking such good care of my mom!




























Mary B.

Chicago, IL

I recently had an estate sale in Deerfield. After calling several estate sale businesses in Lake County I decided on the Balderdash Collection because they do any size sale, and they do everything! They clean, price, setup, send emails out, advertise, etc., they will even get a charity to come and pick up items not sold (with an itemized list) and your home will be totaly empty when they are through. Peggy Shorts is the coordinator and does an awesome job, along with her helpers. one word of advice...if you're thinking about donating or garage selling any items before Peggy gets a look...don't...they will sell everything in your house!!! They are a busy group, so don't procrastinate. I would totally recommend these girls for anyone living in Lake County!!! You won't be disappointed, trust me.

Jill Johnson

Just wanted to thank you again for the great job with the estate sale at my mom's house in Waukegan and give you a quick update on things -- it's been interesting to say the least. After a flurry of activity getting the house painted and taking care of some general maintenance, the house went up for sale on 2/11. Having the house completely empty sure helped with the painting process! Much to our (very big) surprise, we received an offer for full asking price the very next day!!! Wow, how unusual is that?!?! We couldn't believe how lucky it was when you sold mom's car for full pricing during the sale and I think some of that good luck rubbed off on the house!! So things are moving along and we should close on the sale by the end of this month. Thanks again for all you did. I've recommended you a few times to friends and co-workers, so I hope I've helped throw some more business your way!!


Round Lake, IL (Kenosha Estate Sale)

Well, the Estate Sale is over! Thank you to all of you who shared the link or even stopped by to buy a few things. It makes me smile knowing that some of my family's treasures will live on with friends. It has been a bittersweet experience, parting with so many things that meant so much to my family -- but I know that it is for the best. I am in awe at the work that was done by Peggy Shorts and her staff at The Balderdash Collection-- they definitely earned their money on this sale. They did something (emptied a house with 45+ years of stuff inside) that I spent many years worrying how in the world I would ever accomplish... Now, on to the next step -- getting the house on the market. ~Sigh.~

Gail Behun

Highland Park, IL

Peggy and her team were amazing to work with and made the difficult task of cleaning out my folk's house painless. They were careful, caring and got us a return we could never have anticipated. Many thanks for all the hard work and friendly partnership. I highly recommend Peggy and her team!


Grayslake, IL

The Balderdash Company organized, and ran two large estate sales for me in the last 6 months. I do and will continue to recommend this company for your future estate sales. The owner Peggy is very professional, and knowledgeable in what she does. Her team was very efficient & friendly at both sales and presale setups. I thought the final staging before the first sale day for each sale was very eye catching. The first sale was high volume of high end clothing and a tremendous amount of jewelry; I thought the house looked like Macy’s, that’s how impressed I was. The second sale consisted of items to clear out my house to list it on the market. Once again the Balderdash team impressed me with their details of staging items. Another thing that really impressed me was how Peggy left the house immaculately clean after each sale. Give Peggy & her team the space and freedom in your house for your next sale and she will not disappoint.


Lake Villa, IL

When it came time for my mom to move out of her house after my dad died, I was overwhelmed with the prospect of sorting through their many collections. I thankfully found Peggy and Balderdash and my stress faded away. We moved out the few things my mom still needed and sentimental family treasures, and handed over the keys to Balderdash. They categorized, organized and priced everything (ranging from a full woodworking workshop to china and crystal) and handled the entire sale. After a few days we were left with an empty house and a check. Peggy also found some sentimental items we had missed and held them aside which was much appreciated. It would have been a tremendous amount of work, and emotionally stressful, for our family to undertake the task and it was such a relief to leave the sale in Peggy's capable hands.

Eleanor Vick, On behalf of The Estate of Velma Gensch

Lake Villa, IL

After selecting the items of family historic significance, the heirs of our Aunt's estate were at a loss as to what to do with an entire household of goods. Balderdash saved our family's "eco-system" by providing a thoughtful yet efficient experience. The daunting task of clearing the house became bearable. The preparation, estate sale itself and clean-up was done with professionalism. At the estate sales' end the house and yard were free of all leftovers and debris. We are very pleased to have worked with Peggy and her crew.

B. Terrell

Highwood, IL

We were very happy with the job Peggy and her team did to coordinate our family’s estate sale. She is very organized and knowledgeable about item values and has a real passion for her work. She took care of everything, beginning to end and helped us through a huge and difficult process. We also appreciated that the few items that remained could be donated to a charity.

Jennifer Yonan

Waukegan, IL

Peggy was remarkable to work with on my dad’s estate sale. She was not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, but brought a sense of compassion to a very difficult situation. It’s never easy to clean out of a place you called home for more than 45 years, but Peggy made it incredibly simple for us - which made it easier on our whole family. What took Peggy days to orchestrate would have take us months to achieve. I never felt pressured or rushed about the sale and we were very happy with the outcome. I was very impressed by the pristine condition she left the house in when the sale was complete. I highly recommend Peggy to anyone needing an estate sale – she is amazing!

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Balderdash Estate Sales in Waukegan, IL & Lake County, IL
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