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Services We Offer


Our mission is to help as many people as we can dealing with the death of a loved one or their relocation to a nursing home or assisted living facility.


We liquidate the contents of the home by conducting a full estate sale, while maximizing profit. We sell everything we can, donate the rest and leave you with an empty, broom swept home.


Unfortunately, we are no longer able to conduct most smaller moving or downsizing sales (other than mentioned above).


We are based out of Waukegan, Illinois. We conduct full estate sales selling "Previously Luv'd Goods" throughout Lake County, Illinois and Kenosha County, Wisconsin.


Unfortunately, we do not conduct estate sales in Cook County, Illinois.


We organize, arrange, and display all items to be sold. We use any available tables, shelves, and similar areas for display purposes and we provide additional tables and display cases, as necessary.


We will set aside any personal pictures or paperwork that we find and sort through every closet, cabinet and drawer. We clean out the house, attic, basement and garage, keeping anything worth selling and loading trash containers or a dumpster where necessary.


We evaluate all items to be sold and mark prices on them using price stickers, tags, or signs that we provide.


We advertise in the classified section of local newspaper(s), on our website, Facebook, to our email list, and on We also hand out fliers promoting upcoming sales at each of our sales.

Conducting Sales

We conduct estate sales in a professional and efficient manner. To assist with each sale, we will hire as many individuals as we believe are resonably necessary, from a pool of honest, experienced, and reliable individuals which we have hired for that purpose.


Our sales are conducted with these two objectives:

  1. To sell every available item; and

  2. To maximize the proceeds from a sale


Please note that we do not conduct sales with anyone living in the home. We work long hours and have to pull everything out of cabinets, closets, etc. and it is very disruptive to anyone living in the home. We need a minimum of 5 days preparation for setting up a sale, longer if the home is larger and/or packed full of items. We ask that you give us access to the home and let us do our job of staging, pricing, advertising and selling your items.


We take reasonable steps to guard against theft, for example by stationing personnel near small, high-value items. We hire an adequate number of employees to work each sale and use wireless security cameras where appropriate.

Unsold Items

We consolidate any unsold items at the end of each sale and determine whether they are in good enough condition to be donated. If they are, we can work with you to arrange a donation pick up or you can donate the items yourself. Any un-donatable items will either be ready to be thrown out or in dumpster (if provided). Leftover items may also be kept, if requested.

Summary and Proceeds

After the conclusion of the sale, we send out a summary of sale results showing the gross sale proceeds, the fees and expenses deducted, and the net proceeds distributed, as well as a check for the proceeds.

Contact Us

If you are in need of our estate sale expertise, we urge you to contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We normally book sales a month or more in advance, so contact us today!

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Balderdash Estate Sales in Waukegan, IL & Lake County, IL
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