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Interested in working for Balderdash Estate Sales?

You've come to the right place!

Balderdash Estate Sales is a full service estate sale company. We are contracted by owners or family when they require the contents of their homes to be liquidated (sold off). What we (and hopefully you soon too!) do is go through all items in the house in order to organize, price, and then sell during (usually) multiple sale days.

Our sales take place all over Lake County, IL and Kenosha County, WI all year long. There can be periods of time when work is not available, but most of the time we do have at least one sale to prep for (sometimes more!).

We are currently looking for several permanent part-time

workers to help set-up and work during estate sales.

Work will include a variety of tasks; examples include (to name a few): 

-Folding linens

-Cleaning off dirty items
-Sorting through tools in the garage
-Putting price tags on everything in the kitchen
-Moving a sofa out of the basement (with help, of course)
-Sorting clothing by style
-Throwing trash into the dumpster
-Stacking books

-Rearranging furniture
-Answering customers' questions
-Helping deter customer theft
-Having fun
-And much more!

Hours of work occur typically between 8am - 5pm and may be on any day of the week. We are looking for people to help set-up estate sales and to assist customers during estate sales. (Ideal candidates are active, social, and preferably retired or semi-retired without physical limitations.)

Sound like something you'd love to do? 


Watch our job preview video below for a behind-the-scenes look at the type of work you'd be doing!


Click the link at the end of the video to apply!

(On a mobile device? Click the link under the video to apply!)

Balderdash Estate Sales in Waukegan, IL & Lake County, IL
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