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COVID 19 Update

Dear Valued Customer,

Balderdash Estate Sales wishes that everyone is safe and healthy during this trying time. As many of you know Balderdash Estate Sales along with many other small businesses had to close during the state shutdown. As this has been a struggle for many of us, we have to move forward with a positive attitude!  As we all know and have to come to realize that our way of life has changed and we have had to make some adjustments. We wanted to let you know what some of those adjustments are. What is expected of us as a business? What will be needed and expected of our clients and customers? Balderdash Estate Sales takes everyone’s lives and health into consideration.


With that being said here are some changes that we are making with our staff:

  • Associates have a set schedule for washing and sanitizing common areas including door knobs, railings, and other areas that are accessible by the public.

  • Face coverings are required by all.

  • Social distancing is required of all.

  • More frequent cleaning and sanitizing processes are in place for our equipment including tables, bins, shelving units and any other equipment that is used for the display of items.


We also have the health of our customers to consider. Here is what will be required of our customers coming to shop:

  • Face coverings will be required of anyone entering in the home/building of where the sale is being held at, regardless of vaccination status.

  • Reusable bags are permitted.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the door.

  • Social distancing is required when waiting in line to get into the home/building or while waiting to check out.

  • There will be limits as to the number of people allowed into a home/building and this will vary depending on the size of the home/building.

  • A holding area will be designated for you to hold items while you shop, however Balderdash Associates will no longer be handling your items until you actually check out.


Please understand that the changes that are taking place are the rules that were implemented by the Governor’s office, IDPH, CDC, and LCHD. These rules must be followed in order for Balderdash to be in business. There can be NO EXCEPTIONS! We will try to accommodate everyone as much as possible with everyone’s safety and health in mind!

We hope to see all of you back at our sales and finding great deals!


Thank you,


Balderdash Estate Sales

Balderdash Estate Sales in Waukegan, IL & Lake County, IL
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